When we look across the Landscape of Poetry, we can notice there are a lot of Poems that are written and thus shared either to be read or Spoken that speaks about a Poet's Personal Perceived Prowess in Word or what is commonly known as their "Flow". There is a Plethora of Talent out there.

Many times as a Poet we are so inspired to write about our "Self", our "Dreams" and other aspects of our Creativity, our Dreams and the projections of how we may see ourselves . . . Factually or Fictionally. This is often shared on the Mic in our Recitations or in our Written Words. When we examine this dynamic a bit closer we realize it is our "id" that sparks this need to express such Grandeur, and it is thus modified by our Ego and it's need for acknowledgment or recognition . . . even if it is but for "Self".


A Very Popular Poem that always stuck in my mind was the Poem written back a long time ago by Nikki Giovanni title Ego Trippin'. . .  have a look at this Poem carefully, and let us see if we can do a little Ego Trippin' of our own.


I believe it is a very healthy exercise, for it cause one to consider their Gifts and Talents and project. It does not have to be Factual, exaggerations are quite acceptable . . .  even if we have to open up other dimensions of our expressions to do this write. So . . .go on . . .let the world know how dynamic you are . . . in the mean time enjoy Nikki's Offering . . .Ego Trippin'


Ego Tripping (there may be a reason why)


I was born in the congo

I walked to the fertile crescent and built

   the sphinx

I designed a pyramid so tough that a star

   that only glows every one hundred years falls

   into the center giving divine perfect light

I am bad


I sat on the throne

   drinking nectar with allah

I got hot and sent an ice age to europe

   to cool my thirst

My oldest daughter is nefertiti

   the tears from my birth pains

   created the nile

I am a beautiful woman


I gazed on the forest and burned

   out the sahara desert

   with a packet of goat's meat

   and a change of clothes

I crossed it in two hours

I am a gazelle so swift

   so swift you can't catch me


   For a birthday present when he was three

I gave my son hannibal an elephant

   He gave me rome for mother's day

My strength flows ever on


My son noah built new/ark and

I stood proudly at the helm

   as we sailed on a soft summer day

I turned myself into myself and was


   men intone my loving name

   All praises All praises

I am the one who would save


I sowed diamonds in my back yard

My bowels deliver uranium

   the filings from my fingernails are

   semi-precious jewels

   On a trip north

I caught a cold and blew

My nose giving oil to the arab world

I am so hip even my errors are correct

I sailed west to reach east and had to round off

   the earth as I went

   The hair from my head thinned and gold was laid

   across three continents


I am so perfect so divine so ethereal so surreal

I cannot be comprehended except by my permission


I mean...I...can fly

   like a bird in the sky...


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♥ ♪Marie Bolt ♪♥ said:


Ego . . . what a ride . . . .lol
Janet Caldwell/Derailedpoet said:
Love to you & Nikki....Sharing. xo



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